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witcher 3 controller mod

Why the hell do you always feel the need to insult right off the bat? Isn't it enough to just correct someone's misinformation? Originally posted by BuzzardBee :. Last edited by Eclipse ; 20 Nov, pm.

You two have a history? I'll let you sort this out.

13 Best Witcher 3 Mods You Must Install Now

I'll just stay away from scipt mods. Originally posted by Necromia :. I recently installed a couple of W3 mods through NMM. Easy as a bee. Now, as you're saying, it seems there is no warning, unlike in Skyrim and Fallout 4, if a savegame needs a certain mod or not.Let's face it: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is starting to get a bit long in the tooth.

And while it's still looking mighty fine for its age, modders have been hard at work over the last couple years making it look better than its age would suggest. One of the best HD retexture mods has been updated, making everything in the game look even better. We've already featured this mod's earlier versions in our Witcher 3 modsand that's because this is some genuinely terrific work. The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project touches nearly every environmental texture in the game, making trees, stones, grass, leather, and iron all look much better and sharper even under close inspection.

To download, head to the NexusMods page and click the "Files" tab. Download both parts, but pay attention to the warning: There's an error with the current version of the installer, which will create an additional "mods" folder inside your mods folder.

Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. See comments. Topics RPG. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.Mods can do weird and wonderful things to games, as well as make enhancements to combat, environmental textures and other things that the community thought was lacking.


There are mods that allow you to fast travel from any point on the map, ones that show every single object if you like to really test your eyesight, and mods that make The Witcher 3 a bit of a gore fest. Let me be the first to congratulate you on choosing the correct game to mod. The easiest way to install mods would be to use the Nexus Mods Manager.

It goes as far as installing any updates to the mods you use and makes the whole process a bit less daunting. Depending on your set up, you might already be playing on ultra high settings and getting the best out of The Witcher 3. This mod enhances the textures environment around you and that of some animals and creatures, making The Witcher 3 feel even more real. These fine touches really make cutscenes all the more vibrant and realistic as the textures of wooden houses, rocks and plants have been improved.

This mod reminded me of one from TES 4: Oblivion in that it just makes everything that bit sharper and more pleasant to look at. Fast travel anywhere. This mod is as simple as it is brilliant. It removes the requirement of visiting a signpost in order to fast travel. Instead, you can choose a point on the map and transport there no matter where you are.

Stuck in a boat off the coast of Ard Skellig? Just open up your map, choose a destination and away you go. All quest objectives on map. For those of you who are easily distracted from the main quest by side missions, this could be the mod for you.

witcher 3 controller mod

This mod allows you to select and track more than one quest at any given time. You can also change your priority task from the map instead of going through the quest log. Friendly Meditiation. Friendly Meditation lets you meditate in real time, watching the weather change and the sun rising or setting. Photo modes are increasingly popular in triple-A titles these days. My favourite one can be found in God of War where you can force Kratos to have an overbearing grin. The camera spins degrees and you can even make yourself and the HUD invisible to capture the perfect shot.Hundreds of new cheats are available thanks to industrious modders unlocking the hidden "Command Console," which allows players to type in cheats.

Watch the video below or read on for an explanation of cheats in The Witcher 3. While the Command Console that allows cheats in Witcher 3 was hidden by the developers pre-launch, Nexus modder Skomski has done us all a favor and created the Debug Console Enabler. Below is the basic list of all important console codes.

Some of the console codes above require additional codes to work. Here are the big lists of everything you can spawn and more:.

Last Edited: 2 Mar pm. Page Tools. Always be sure to verify your sources and back up your game files before installing any mods. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Rated "M". Developer CD Projekt Red. Table of Contents. Gwent: Never Fear. Switch player character to Ciri.

Enables tattoo from Witcher 2 save. Removes tattoo from Witcher 2 save.

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Adds designated item s to inventory ex: additem Bear Armor 1,3 Specifying item quantities is optional. Kill all enemies engaged in combat. Immediately fast-travel to Kaer Morhen. Immediately fast-travel to White Orchard.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Hanuman View Profile View Posts. I replayed the Witcher 2 right before this again and used keyboard mouse. I am now trying controller, and although the fighting is much easier now, I don't really like it either as it takes away the smoothness of mouselook and makes other non-combat activity annoying.

Wish there was someway to pick up my controller when fighting and use keyboard mouse for non-combat with seamless functioning of both together. When I switch back and forth there is like a 2 second pause that is extremely irritating. They should have left keyboard mouse identical to Witcher 2 - after just spending 40 hours beating it again this last week I simply cannot adapt to Witcher 3 keyboard mouse.

It no longer feels like a PC game. Showing 1 - 15 of 61 comments. Duck View Profile View Posts. Controller seems to be pretty sweet. I tried KBM for a good half hour but it felt really awkward. I know I can rebind keys but it just felt weird.

witcher 3 controller mod

That's just me. Controller from X1. Originally posted by Creamy Goodness :. Haven't tried my controller yet. Xlax View Profile View Posts. Rock1m1 View Profile View Posts. Playing on Big screen TV, controller.

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Last edited by ; 19 May, pm. I tried an hour on keyboard. After trying controller I decided to stay with it X-Box Controller. Originally posted by RustyNails :. However, I'm right handed and have rebound everything I've wanted to and have a super fluid experience in and out of combat.

Originally posted by Beware Extinction Chimps :. Its a port so controller is favouredThe Witcher is one of the most well-known RPG series of all time. All 3 games have been loved by the gaming community for great reasons: Amazing characters and story, great gameplay and believable world. And the latest entry, The Witcher 3, is no different.

When it came out, The Witcher 3 took the gaming industry by storm. An amazing story, living characters, an astonishing and huge world, fun quests and great gameplay combined to form one of the best video games to date.

And as always, modding communities are here just for that, to tweak the game and to create a lot of crazy, unneeded-but-fun mods. So we decided to put together some of the best The Witcher 3 mods for you. You can also check games like Witcher 3. If you do not want to deal with Nexus Mod Manager, you are in luck since installing The Witcher 3 mods manually is really easy.

Find the installation path of your game. Be sure it is just one big folder instead of multiple different folders. Since all of the mods are in Nexus, this tool makes it a lot easier to download, install, update and manage your mods. Some mods can be incompatible with each other or may require certain installing orders, and this software makes it all easier. Download it here. Like the first one, this is one is another must.

It enables you to use the debug console to use hundreds of different console commands to fix stuff and do various different tasks like changing settings, freezing time or spawning enemies to take cool videos or screenshots. While The Witcher 3 has a great combat, it can get repetitive after hundreds of hours of gameplay -like every game- and even on the hardest difficulty, you can master it pretty quickly.

witcher 3 controller mod

This mod makes each encounter much more exciting and challenging: enemies are smarter and faster and do different attacks as they level up instead of just hitting harder. Perfect for a second playthrough and can even be great for your first time if you love challenging combat.

It also does not steal while auto-looting, so you do not have to worry. The Witcher 3 has great graphics and lighting but for optimization sake, developers did not add shadows to every light source.

This mod adds shadows to every light source you can imagine: torches on walls, torches that guards carry, large braziers in cities, candles, lamps and also tweaks shadow fade and autohide distances for all adjusted light sources.

If you have a strong PC, this is one of the best mods to improve immersion. What it lacks is more blood. If you like gore like me in your melee combat, More Blood adds different blood trails for different enemy types and now Geralt can be covered in blood. Combine this with mod below, and you are in for a more cinematic combat.

This mod slows time every time Geralt lands a critical strike on an enemy, adding a more cinematic feeling to combat and making each critical hit feel more satisfying. Not a huge change, but definitely makes combat more fun. This mod reworks the textures and models to higher resolutions and brightness.Hot Topics.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. PervySage79 Rookie 1 Sep 22, Can anyone get the PS4 controller button prompts working with Witcher 3 when using the controller wirelessly?

I've currently got Steam recognizing the PS4 controller and have PS4 controller support enabled in steam which is detected and works perfectly I'm not using any other 3rd party software to emulate a xbox controller.

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I've read heaps of differnt forums and tried the following: 1. Turning off PS4 controller support in steam If I turn this off, the controller wont work 2. Turning off PS4 controller support in steam and using InputMapper controller works, but still get xbox controller prompts 3.

Turning off PS4 controller support in steam and using DS4Windows controller works, but still get xbox controller prompts 4. Using mod from nexusmods PS4 Mod even tried editing the line 64 as suggested in the forums, I still get xbox control prompts unless plugged in via usb. Running witcher 3 outside of steam. Editing inputmanager. Uninstalling and reinstalling Witcher 3.

And then tried all those things with every differnt type of controller support in steam enabled or disabled to get every possible combination. Everything has failed and I'm about to throw the controller at the wall. Can anyone help or offer a suggestion on how to get this to work? Thanks in advance. I played it with PS4 controller on PC but never wireless.

May try out different USB ports. Best thing at this point might be to play it with cable which should work fine on PC. Cerbsen Rookie 3 Sep 24, To force the game to use PS4 prompts when playing with the controller connected per bluetooth you need to change the "inputmanager.

The best Witcher 3 mods

Last edited: Sep 24, SigilFey Moderator 4 Sep 24, You may also want to check that you're not using that "Unifed Steam Controller Scheme" It's an overlay through Steam itself that can interfere with games.

I remember that causing some headaches in the past. PervySage79 Rookie 5 Sep 26, Thanks for the assistance, but unfortunately this didn't work either Post automatically merged: Sep 26,