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The posts made here are for educational as well as entertainment purposes and as such anyone viewing this portion of the website must accept these views as statements of the author of that opinion and agrees to release the authors from any and all liability. Can anyone help???? Topic: Rock-Ola Jukebox trouble. It used to work fine. Now when its turned on the turntable spins but the needle doesnt move and it wont change songs.

I have never even looked inside a jukebox until yesterday so I dont really know what to look for. Any help is appreciated. Paul G. I have serviced some many moons ago, but I can't recall the basic mechanical configuration. If it is similar to the old AMI's I think it is you might have a mechanical jam. Something didn't cycle through. The motor that does the cycling may have failed, or its fuse blew.

Check your carriage hammers and timing. Check the pulse generator and pulse converter. If you like, send me some pictures of the inner mechanics, maybe it'll refresh my mind.

It has been the better part of 28 years since I worked on one of them. If the record flops on the turntable, the carriage electronics, pulse generator and converter are probably all OK.

rockola 490 jukebox

And, if the clamp snatches the record and puts it back in the rack, that will verify the same. So, I think it would be more than likely a cycling motor or its circuitry that drives the mechanics of the arm and mute switch. If the thing unmutes, that circuit may be ok also. The last thing that happens in the cycle is the machine unmutes the pickup.

If it does unmute, just look for a simple jam that may be impeding the free movement of the arm. Now I cant make it pick the record up or anything.

All that happens when the power is turned on is the turntable spins. I cant make it do anything else. Ill try and get some pictures of it tomorrow. It'll probably take a little time because in those machines, you scratch your head wondering which came first If you don't have a manual, try to get one. Unless you are completely familiar with a juke box, you'll need one. If you know the model number, there is some good Rock-Ola web sites. I only see one in the front that is a half amp slo blo.

I also see a couple relays. USA Registered: Sep I used to service many 45 rpm jukeboxes over the period of to before the conversion to CD jukes. You can order the service, parts, and operating manuals from www.

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Ask for their catalog. The internet newsgroup for jukeboxes is alt. I never figuerd out if it was something with the record changer before it was trashed.This extremely well written and easy to use guide will enable you to fix just about anything that goes wrong on one of these models.

The manual, which contains two sections, is designed to pinpoint the probable cause and correction of any malfunction. Part one is an index of malfunction symptoms. It gives the symptom, the probable cause and the solution for "on location" correction. It will then lead you to part II for the repair of the part or component involved. Part II is a trouble shooting guide. In conjunction with the index, it will once again show you the Problem, the Problem Area or Part, and the Procedure for Correcting.

The Trouble Shooting guide will also lead to the proper section of the Phonograph Service Manual which shows the complete electrical and mechanical action of the components involved. I can supply reprints of most model's manual. This reprint is 53 pages, spiral bound with clear plastic cover protectors. Created by eBay Seller's Assistant Basic v. All Sales Are Final. Powered by eBay Turbo Lister The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings.

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Recent Feedback. See Details.The Red Syber Sonic system was the first to features programmable Bass and Treble settings among other things via buttons located on the amplifier.

This forces Rock-ola to drop the iPod docking option. You will need the Model number from that Metal ID tag, to choose a selection below. Princess Contact Form. Inside the Rock-ola Jukebox Restoration before, shows pretty solid, missing only some metal dust covers.

We refinished the Rockola Jukebox cabinet in a factory looking, Faux wood grain finish. A new improved amplifier. The Rock-olaand Jukeboxes feature a 20 play, 78rpm record mechanism that holds 20 records horizontally like a stack of pancakes.

The Rock-ola 20 play record mechanism will play the top side of the record only. Each record is placed on a felt covered tray that is then placed into a numbered record ring on the mechanism stack. View our main Jukeboxes page to see everything included in both Full and Partial Restorations. Email photos of your Rockola Jukebox to get a quote. Each Jukebox manufacture competing for more customer sales and trying to out do each other in the process.

Rock-ola had just introduced the model Jukebox in With that problem solved, the next problem was the amount of selections. One to play the top of the record, and one to play the bottom. This required a special turn table motor that could turn in two directions. The Rock-ola Jukebox featured a full view clear plastic mechanism dome and huge light up plastic pilasters on the outside of the grill area which did help to increase sales some.

This mechanism was offered in the Rock-ola and Jukeboxes as an option. Having selections required a re-design of the title strip and selection area. Rock-ola used a three sided drum, each side of the drum holding 20 title strips.

This all began to change for Rock-ola Jukebox in with a new cabinet design. These models are very popular and can be made very reliable once again. We also rebuild the selector buttons, amplifier, and repair or rebuild the speaker.April 18,am. Home Help Search Login Register. Send this topic Print. Steve M Trade Count: 0 Jr. Hi, I have owned a Rock Ola Princess for many years and had hours of trouble free entertainment from it.

Today I wanted to add a new 45 to the magazine wheel. As per usual I pushed forward the lever to scan to enable me to remove the unwanted I then replaced it with the new 45 and repostioned the lever to open.

When I selected the new 45 using the push buttons, the grabber arm, found and gripped the new 45 and then stopped. Now the grabber arm is locked and the magazine will not rotate anymore. I guess it is something simple, but I can not find the answer to my problem. Any thoughts would be greatful. Thanks, Steve. One of the red pushbutton circuit breakers has probably tripped.

rockola 490 jukebox

Press to reset. Hi Ken, Thanks, but I tried this. Only the turntable worked after I pressed the circuit breakers, not the magazine wheel.

Daniel dã¿az

Jennifers Rock-ola is a bit older than that one fire victim But after the restore mine did that twice, The first time the transfer arm bound up used, and lack of grease Stopping the carousel, and the second time the motor gave out From trying to push that old arm assy. I s"pose Find what circuit is tripping and work backwards At least there is a service manual avaliable for yours.

Rock-Ola Jukebox Troubleshooting Guide

Thanks Jennifer, I will investigate further. Service manuals and genuine Rockola replacement parts are available to purchase from www. Thanks Ken, Looks like this is the way to go.

Btw I so diddnt mean to type old school in my last post, Sorry. Hello again, On further investigation of my problem. If I reset the red mechanism breaker switch and put the magazine lever to scan, the turn table will turn for about 5 seconds then the breaker trips again.

However the magazine wheel stays blocked.

rockola 490 jukebox

Any bright ideas are welcome, as I haven't a clue as to where to find a jukebox expert here in Barcelona. Thanks again, Steve. Unplug the magazine motor and gripper motor and reset the breaker again.

Does it trip now? If not, then plug the gripper motor back in. If the breaker trips now, the gripper motor is shorted. If not, then plug the magazine motor back in.Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. The exterior is in very good condition, but I don't believe it is currently working as it has been in storage for the last 20 years.

I have not been able to find any information on the internet in order to offer it for sale. Would you know it's value? Occasionally an individual will buy one thinking they will restore it.

Rock-ola Jukebox Restoration and Repair

You don't mention if it works. If it doesn't, I recently learned that if you know how to take it apart and even better Advertisement It sounds counter-intuitive, but there are a lot of people out there who like to repair the pieces already have or buy on the cheap and they want original parts.

Here are a couple of samples of sold parts for various Rockolas not necessarily your model Hope you find this helpful! I have a series d Rock-Ola. I got it at an estate sale. I'm having a hard time finding this model or others like it. The coin mechanism was pulled out of it. Advertisement Other than that everything works fine. I am looking for an estimated value and recommendations for a repair shop in Dallas, Texas. This may be another "heyday" for jukeboxes as they seem to be very popular right now.

Here are some photos of similar boxes: www. I am trying to determine the value of a Seeberg Selectomatic.

It is in beautiful condition. I believe it needs calibration. Generally, units in almost perfect condition command the highest prices but where physically the jukebox is located determines the price and how or when sold. Here is the link so you can check out the item and the condition the item was in.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

1984 Rock Ola 490 Jukebox - Repairing the Amplifier and Mechanism

I Agree. Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Rockola Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Rockola 17th AprilAM. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and to jukebox fun, I recently acquired a Rockola Supersound 2, it did not work when I got it. After messing with it for a day or two I got it working somewhat, here are the issues I am having with it.

Any help would be appreciated. Tags: backchanneldaydeadfixfunissuesjukeboxleftmetalmicroswitchmicroswitchesmissingplaysputrecentlyrecordsidesiteswitchingwakewonworkworkingworks. Been a while since I have had my head in a Rockola and I don't have one here in the workshop to look at. But, the amp screeching is usually caused by dry solder joints around the header pins on the circuit boards in the amp. Unplug the jukebox, remove the amp and check all solder joints around the header pins on all circuit boards.

There are a number of boards in there from memory.The firm later produced parking metersfurnitureand firearms, but became best known for its jukeboxes. During the s, Rockola was linked with Chicago organized crime and escaped a jail sentence by turning State's Evidence.

Rockola added the hyphen because people often mispronounced his name. The name was changed to Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation in The company successfully expanded its production line through the Great Depression to include furniture. Rock-Ola machined receiversbarrelsboltsfiring pinsextractorstriggerstrigger housings, searsoperating slides, gas cylinders, and recoil plates.

Rock-Ola used its furniture machinery to manufacture stocks and handguards for its own production and for other prime contractors, and subcontracted production of other machined parts. Rock-Ola also produced approximately sixty "presentation" carbines as gifts to company executives and other officials. Presentation carbines were finished in polished blue rather than the dull Parkerizing used on military weapons, and were accompanied by a custom-made wooden case including the name of the recipient engraved on a brass plate.

Some of the presentation carbines had no serial numbers, while others were numbered in a special sequence preceded by "EX". Military production carbines had serial numbers in the following range:.

Rock-Ola's production total was the lowest of any successful carbine prime contractor, amounting to 3. The relative rarity and the distinctive name increase the value of Rock-Ola carbines; and the presentation carbines are highly prized among collectors. Ina Rock-Ola M1 carbine was the murder weapon used in the killing of a prominent British scientist and his family who were holidaying in France.

Rock-Ola was also the maker of shuffleboard tables from to Considered by collectors the Cadillac of shuffleboards due to their Art Deco styling with curving woodwork and lots of chrome, they are highly sought after by players. In the early s, Rock-Ola produced video arcade machines, including Fantasy, Jump Bugand Eyes The most successful Rock-Ola arcade game was Nibbler.

David Rockola saw the repeal of prohibition in the USA in as an opportunity to expand his amusement business into coin operated phonographs, to be placed in the now legal bars and nightclubs. This was a 12 selection jukebox which was replaced by 20 selection jukeboxes bythe first being the model IMP Rock-Ola continued to produce a new model every year up until when the constraints of World War II had an impact.

After the war, they produced what some consider as their most attractive 78rpm player, the model In the early fifties, the arrival of the 45rpm seven inch record brought major changes to jukebox designs for all manufacturers. The first 45rpm player from Rock-Ola was the model which held 25 records, and thus 50 selections.

This had a major influence on Rock-Ola who then brought to market a series of models very similar in appearance to the Seeburg, these being the model inthrough to the model in The late s to the early s saw Rock-Ola manufacture a variety of successful jukebox models, the key ones being the Tempo, Regis, Princess, and Empress models. Visible playing mechanisms eventually disappeared from Rock-Ola and all other manufacturers in the mid s.

Rock-Ola continued to manufacture jukeboxes into the s and beyond, although the units themselves eventually became less conspicuous in the bars and clubs where they were located, ultimately being hidden away.

The company eventually sold out to Antique Apparatus inand they continue to manufacture jukeboxes under the Rock-Ola name today.