Sorry for all those words yesterday. I am really sorry… Its just that with falling weak then and there i am kind of getting irritated with my health. Thanks for the comments. Enjoy the next chapter. Chapter 27 : Here Then the next day. He goes into your mind and makes you feel inferior. That must have creeped you out.

He is, you know, intellectually strong and physically stronger. He never cared for anyone. But he is not the loyal type. He is loyal to non living things or at least the intangible things. He never lets a person know what he is thinking.

The only person he shares things on his mind, is with his Dadaji. Dadaji is fun and gives freedom of choice and he did the same to Raj Uncle but Uncle is very strict on his children. He feels some things with his children are unnecessary.

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It feels weird to know none of those sibling hate Uncle. And never speak anything about his Mom. Dad never forced us to do anything. No wonder Manik thought the world revolved around him and that emotions expressed are not valued. Maybe that is why he acted that way. We would always be attracted to each other but never compatible.

I would have been very stubborn about it without even trying to work things out. I loved him when he was his arrogant self and I love him more seeing his kind side. I thought he would never be able to accept my feelings, so I decided to leave without telling anything. When I found out I was pregnant, though I was scared, I was happy it was his child. He feels sincere and honest.

I love him, Navya and I trust him but I am scared. Never once has he treated a woman against her will, even when he treated them like toys.

He still thinks that what he did is right! Just do whatever you want with your life! I came here with Payal, because I wanted to see how he has changed but it has convinced me to nothing!Nandini helped him standing while he starred at her, When he feels something different in him, when she Touched him.

Manik nodded his head and then blow air on his elbow arm, where there is some stains of blood and bruises. Nandini take out her handkerchief from her purse, hold his arm in her hand And Wrapped her handkerchief around his Elbow. But shrugged it off as he was in so hurry!!!! HE shrugged off his shoulder, straightened his bike and walk towards Cafe…………. I hope the test will be positive. Nandini face has a poignant expression that she has to go through this or deal with it, and has not even come to the stage where she has seen the guy.

Naina Feel Restless. She just fell in love with that small innocent girl since She had seen her picture in her in Laws house!! She knows, She Never meet that small girl but she got Attached with that girl with the time she Spend with her In-laws, as they always talk about her only. As his friends literally dragged him here while they got to know about his Small accident….

manan wattpad nandini feed manik

You are Now selected for our daughter-in-law. But Again thinking about nandini, his soul get tensed and worried line automatically drawn on his forehead…. She Has loose her whole memory. But how!? We will try to investigate on it as soon as possible about it. Just Relax.

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Why my little Devil is all getting Tensed!? You have trust on us right!? She sit on couch in their room and her forehead Shows worry frown.When everyone went to green room they started giving all the blames on Nandani exept Navya and Cabir who are trying to defend her and the poor soul is just looking at her Manik so that he will at least try to defend her and what Alya told Manik shocked her to core. Cabir and Navya just hug her and console her………. Cavya-shhhh nandu…. Nandani after composing her self says-I am leaving from here forever!

Nandani-This was not the first time Cabir first for dhruv he left me and now for their insecurities in green room all were blaming me and he! Cabir-how can you do that Manik! I know Fab 5 is very special to you but what about Nandani Manik! Alya-lets party guys like old times! Manik-are you happy now you succeed snatching my life from me!

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Urvashi 10 posts 8 comments. Next Post Please file petitions…kya kasoor hai amla ka on the given link….

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We recommend. Manuu 13th Sep - am Registered. Urvashi 13th Sep - am Author. I hope you like my ff! AMkideewani 13th Sep - am Registered. Superb, I have read it in Wattpad and I love it. Urvashi 13th Sep - pm Author. Its in wattpad too….Precap: Manik had dinner with family. Present Same Night Nandini reached her house only to see Amms waiting for her. Amms was seated on couch, Nandu went n sat beside her asking. Nandini: Amms u r still awake? Amms: socha tumhare saath dinner karo Nandini: k, mai fresh hoke ati ho, then v both vil have dinner.

With this Nandini went to her room n after 10mins she came downstairs. She saw Amms already seated on dining table, she went n sat beside her asking her to feed her.

Amms went aww on her cuteness n she fed her. After dinner Amms sat on couch n Nandu kept her head on her lap. Amms asked.

manan wattpad nandini feed manik

Nandini: acha hai. Amms: aur boss? Nandini: wo bhi accha hai. Now she sat n said aj ap itne qs kyu pochrahe ho?? Amms: kuch nahi kanna aise hi. Nandini: noo Amms zarur kuch baat hai. Amms: haa, actually jabse tum job karrahi ho, u dont have time for us.

Nandini: awww, meri Amms ko time chahiye chyeok kal pura din mai aplog ke sath rahungi as it is Sunday. Thik hai na.

Amms: thik hai, kal hum shopping jaenge.

Manan - Under My Intense Control (BDSM)

Nandini: jesa ap kahe. Amms pecked her forehead n both moved to their rooms. Its Sunday means chutti. Manik was sleeping on ulta on his stomachhis sleep was disturbed when his phone started ringing. He recieved the call. Manik angry : kon hai yaar. Cabir: saale hum se puchta hai hum kon hai. Manik: saale itni subah kyu uthaya.

manan wattpad nandini feed manik

Mukti: yaar hume laga to hume bhulgaya.DT Note pg 8. Manan-sex slave!!! DT Note pg 8 Share. Page of 8 Go Next Last. Posted: 3 years ago.

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Warning- this story has mature content and violence. Please whoever is uncomfortable don't read this story Manik Malhotra - 25 year old best businessman in Asia.

Have no family and he live alone in his mansion. He is very arrogant and heartless man. So the story is about a 17 year girl nandini who was sold bye her parents just for money. She became sex slave of 25 year old heartless guy manik. But soon they will fell in love with each other and will become manan. This story will show how nandini will change a heartless person manik.

Manik has buy her and made her slave by money but what if nandini make manik her slave by her heart. Looking frwd for the next update All the best for ur story.

Nice one dear. Looking forward to it. Nice cs Update soon And do pm me also Welcome in IF dear. It's one of my fav story Awesome story Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan.Chapter 1: "Trying". I don't get you! I thought this was what you wanted. With her back turned to Manik, she silently let the tears spill.

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Nandini knew she was stronger than this, but when it came to Manik, her strong resolve vanished. Turning to Nandini's small body hunched at the edge of the bed, Manik could see her shoulders silently shaking, knowing all too well that his promise to never cause her tears, was unintentionally broken. Knowing neither of them were to blame. Manik threw off the blanket and crawled over to Nandini.

Without a word, he slowly began to zip up Nandini's shalwar top, letting his fingers linger at the nape of her neck. Damn it, he thought. Where had the Manik who had the girls at his every beck and call gone? This Manik was foreign, even to himself. The effect Nandini had on him scared him as much as excited him. Wanting to make things better before they got worse, Manik positioned himself beside Nandini and promptly threw his head onto her lap.

Don't call me Mans. I am not a bull. Manik knew Nandini was strong. More often than not, stronger than him even. Although when he looked at her now, he could see that behind that tough girl avatar, she housed the vulnerability of a child.

A trait in her, that he hated he so often caused to surface. Wanting to ease the air of tension, Manik reached up to pinch Nandini's cheeks. Knowing that some things were easier said than done.

Thanks so much guys! Chapter 2: "Looking Away" Page 2. Chapter 3: "Stop Distracting Me" Page 4. Chapter 5: "How Can You? Page of 11 Go Next Last. Posted: 5 years ago. Chapter 1: "Trying" "I don't freaking get you Nandi! When are we going to get our next update? I have school work to do, but by this Wednesday I'll update for sure!Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback.

Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. After completing my advanced business education I am back to India. I was away for 2 years and no vacation was allowed. It felt like prison so I am happy to be away from that monotonous atmosphere and back into the cheerful one. I smiled and waved at my family and by family I mean mother, father and my friends Cabir, Navya, Mukti, Abhimanyu and They always said same thing at the same time.

It was cute and showed how well they know each other. We planned a family dinner at his favorite restaurant. My dad patted my back and they left. My parents are the coolest.

manan wattpad nandini feed manik

They understood me and tried to erase the age gap problem between us by keeping their playful side alive. We behaved like friends more than parents and son. I love them with my heart. I got tensed.

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What happened to my flower that had her sister crying. She and Nandini are sisters, Navya older by a year. Cabir and Mukti are twins and my childhood friend. Mukti is engaged in an arrange marriage but she is starting to fall for Abhimanyu. They will be married in a few weeks. They spent nearly 4 hours there and got attracted to each other. They exchanged numbers and went on some date before falling in love.

Typically cliche I know but love stories are made in heaven. And Nandini. When Navya was introduced into the group her sister tagged along but it turned into my favor because I was the only single one. I dated a few girls but none were of my type so Nandini became my new best friend since my childhood friends got busy in their love life.

Not blaming them though.