Dominic Holtam. Entry level plain blue rifle package brings excellent value for money in the chassis rifle market. Minimal modifications to the stock design will allow this rifle to shine far brighter. The action and stock deserve better recoil control as they are fundamentally accurate, and the mm barrel gives a few extra critical feet per second and factory ammunition accuracy than the mm competition. That recoil pad is a deal breaker, in my opinion and that of all those who shot it.

A good functional action and barrel can be totally characterised by the furniture they sit in, so Howa has made the obvious step of introducing a chassis stock option to follow current market trends.

The follower could do with a chamfer on its rear edge, as it did snag the rim on the last round a few times in its early use, before it was worn in by the rounds themselves. The right-side safety has three positions and locks the bolt in its rearward-most spot. An A2-styled grip sits below the action with expected short reach to the trigger, but this is a fact of life on AR derivative builds.

The Luth-AR butt stock, with its buffer tube screwed into the rear of the chassis, was not the nicest option for two reasons. Firstly, the cheekpiece is characteristically very chunky, in order to envelop the buffer tube, so you need high scope mounts to keep the eyeline for the optic above it. Its triangular cross section, with a 59mm width at the base, makes your head roll over the top of it to get cheek weld and exit pupil alignment with correct eye relief.

Your own jawbone places your head much too far off to one side, and being Plain FDE polymer build, it rattles clumsily when knocked. The second reason is the butt plate. It will adjust laterally by 25mm but only downwards from centre, which is a nod towards its high-power shooting origins; but worst is that the serrated edge of the plate bites into your shoulder with every shot.

Howa Chassis Rifle (HCR) in .308 Winchester - test and review

I regularly shoot hundreds of rounds of. A firm rubber butt pad would cure all this and transform the rifle, as the barrelled action performed extremely well. I would love to have hand-loaded for this rifle as I liked the trigger, and it positioned and aimed well in the prone position, but the aforementioned recoil character dulled my enthusiasm. AR15 parts are designed around the low recoil of a. To me, though, the whole point of going down this route is pointless if you compromise on ergonomics, shooter comfort and consequent control.

In its ultimate tube gun format, the line of recoil force is directed centrally into the shoulder by keeping the barrel low with respect to the butt pad, minimising muzzle flip. I liked the HCR, but I believe a rethink on the butt stock would be worthwhile for a calibre larger than. It would also make a great scope for long-range varminting in daylight conditions, but it is quite bulky and heavy. Thankfully, the EGW Picatinny rail, bolted in four places to the top of the stainless steel action, was long enough to alleviate any problems.

You will also want high scope rings to clear that bolt handle, as well as to free up space and keep your head high in relation to the cheekpiece… unless you particularly like to lay your head on a gun sideways and weld down tight.

Feed and ejection on Howas is always reliable, with the magazines soon wearing in to smoothly present all 10 rounds from the feed ramp into the chamber. A single plunger ejector flings brass effortlessly from the gun, after the claw extractor unleashes it from its interference bond with the chamber walls after firing.

The RPR is, to be frank, a more homogenous design, with recoil directed straight into the centre of the pad which is in line with the gun, rather than slung below it to give better ergonomics; the Howa has nicer build quality and a better trigger, though. Mods cut noise and recoil but suffer from mirage; brakes cut even more recoil to lessen muzzle jump, but you get more translated shock waves coming backwards and greater noise presented around you than a bare muzzle… so, I veer away from them these days.

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Sign Up for Our Newsletter:. About Us.Howa is a Japanese company that specializes in machinery and civilian arms. You might recognize their work in the Weatherby Vanguard line which they manufacture. Their action is known as the Model and shares some common features with the Remington M As alluded to earlier, it is difficult to handle a Howa action and not immediately notice the similarities between it and the Remington similar action profile, bolt, lowered rear bridge and firing pin assembly.

The does have some key differences including a tang mounted bolt release, 2- stage trigger, 3-position safety, M style extractor, primary extraction location and integral recoil lug.

Take your pick. Either way, you would be hard pressed finding a factory precision rifle offering at this price point with this many features.

The hammer forged heavy barrel on the test rifle had a similar profile to a Remington Varmint contour, however, the shank was slightly thinner with a diameter of 1. The muzzle of the barrel was. The twist rates for the 6. I tried three different brands of 1. I actually consider this a good thing. I build my personal rifles this way.

The idea is for the ammunition to fit into the chamber. As a general rule, tighter headspace will yield greater accuracy with virgin non fire formed brass. A bolt release is located on the side of the tang on the left side of the rifle abovethe 3-position safety is located on the right side above.

The HCR uses a two stage trigger, the first stage averaged 1 pound, 4. In my opinion, it is better than a factory Remingtonbut not quite as nice to the touch as a Savage Accutrigger.

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Like the M, the HCR uses a two lug bolt with a 90 degree throw with a swept handle that ends with a knob. I liked the shape of the handle and it cleared the scope when cycling the action. Instead of a standard spring extractor, it uses an M style extractor. The upside of the M style extractors are they tend to hold onto case rims better. The downside is if you are unlucky enough to blow up a rifle, you have another source of shrapnel.

Lifting chain accessories

Like everything else in life, there is a trade off and many shooters feel the M is desirable and equip their s with them at great expense. Howa includes one for the asking price.

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I am guessing this arrangement would work particularly well on shorter cases like the 6 BR if you planned on using a Howa action on a 6 BR build. For testing I threaded a QD stud place and attached a Harris bench rest bipod. The magazine is retained in the chassis with a paddle release located to the rear of the magazine well.

This combination gives length of pull adjustments Initial length of pull adjustments are made with a pin engaging the buffer tube. Once the position of the stock on the tube is decided, a small screw is tightened to clamp the stock on the tube. Final adjustments to length of pull and cheek weld are made with external locking knobs. The recoil pad is vertically adjustable with two screws that allow re-positioning. I loaded to magazine length, 2.

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howa 1500 chassis 308

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Made in USA. Related Searches howa stock barrel howa stock boyds howa stock gunstocks howa stock hardwood howa stock channel howa stock action howa stock magazine howa stock detachable howa stock thumbhole. Compare 0. Remove All.Without a consistent source of barreled rifle actions I tend to keep building bolt action rifles based off of Remington Barreled Actions. Typically I buy a complete Remington rifle as a base and expand from there. Recently though Brownells has begun offering a large line of Howa Barreled Actions.

Howa Barreled Actions are the perfect platform for a quality precision rifle build, at an affordable cost. The receiver and bolt are forged steel, with the bolt featuring an integral bolt handle.

Howa Chassis System

Bolt faces are square to the barrel chamber and bolt faces have excellent contact with the receiver recesses.

M16 style extractor ensure positive extraction and function. Factory barrels are hammer forged with headspace set to exacting standards. The HACT two stage trigger has a crisp, light and consistent pull. The included 3 position safety allows for the bolt to be locked, as well as put on safe when unloaded. Scope bases are available from a variety of quality manufacturers.

Improving your Rifle Accuracy - Shoot Better

The HS3 chassis brings your bolt action rifle to the next level in versatility and ergonomics, with an instant improvement in accuracy. The chassis itself is only 2. The MDT HS3 drop-in chassis system serves as a base to which the operator can add tactical components according to the desired functionality.

The stock is manufactured out of aluminum, hard anodized to mil spec type III, and has durable Polymer side panels which can be ordered in several colors. This chassis was designed to accept Fixed AR butt-stocks and non-beavertail pistol grips. The HS3 chassis uses. The chassis supports installation of bolt on MIL-STN accessory mounting rails on the bottom and sides of the fore-end.

For the sides you will need our specific HS3 Chassis rails. The mounting holes are spaced for Magpul style L5 11 slots and L3 7 slots rails 1. The rifle action only makes contact with the HS3 chassis on the V shape bedding and recoil lug area insuring the best accuracy and repeatability.

The generous clearance on the fore-end makes any barrel up to the size of the action itself free floated. Spring-loaded, telescoping legs adjust quickly, fold parallel to barrel for carrying. Buffer springs and adjustable tension on hinged base help eliminate tremor. Learn More. Howa Barreled Action.Howa rifles outshoot well known rifles costing hundreds of dollars more. Accuracy makes this gun worth a closer look. The M Hunter from Howa Rifles offers classic American styling in a durable walnut finished hardwood stock with deep hand-crafted cut checkering in the pistol grip and forearm.

howa 1500 chassis 308

The Howa Lightning Rifle is designed for those who hunt in rugged terrain and need a rifle that can handle extra harsh weather conditions. The heart of the M's superior action is a one piece, bind-proof bolt forged from solid steel. The fully adjustable Howa rifle trigger is famous for consistent, crisp let off. All models are drilled and tapped for standard scope bases and come with solid rubber butt pads and sling swivel studs.

Howa rifles provide accuracy and reliability at an affordable price. Sign up for our e-mail newsletter for special offers, discount coupons and more. LOG IN. Worthy Causes Donations Put to Work. Forgot Password? Click here. Youth Rifle. Howa Firearms. Howa Rifles. Howa Firearms x Nikko x.Almost any modern rifle, with quality ammunition, can shoot one three-shot group that measures less than one inch. The Howa KRG Bravo also comes with an accuracy guarantee, but with one important difference: this rifle delivers.

First, some specs. The 6mm and 6. The Japanese manufacturing company was founded in and started making firearms in the early s, including Arisaka Rifles Type 99parts of infantry rifles Type 38artillery, machine guns, and bullets. Howa ended production after Japan lost WWII but was allowed to fire up its assembly line during the Korean War, and soon transitioned into sporting firearms.

howa 1500 chassis 308

The first Model hit the shelves in based on the Golden Bear platform. Today, Model barreled actions are a favorite of long-distance shooters looking to build a quality rifle without forking over the cash for a totally custom job.

All their rifles purchased after January 1,come with a lifetime warrantyand their U. Kinetic Research Group developed and manufactures the stock that comes with the Howa KRG is an Idaho company founded by a group of former Army Special Forces soldiers, and the Bravo combines a full-length chassis-style system with the aesthetics of a more traditional stock.

An aluminum chassis runs from the most forward section of the stock all the way to pistol grip, which keeps the entire system rigid and eliminates any noticeable flex. The polymer outer layer is simply a covering for the inner chassis and allows KRG to accommodate a wide variety of accessories without expensive machining. The grip is especially well-designed. The swelled sides taper in at the top, which allowed me to both wrap my thumb around the grip or float it on the same side as my fingers.

The vertical design also helped keep my trigger finger moving backward in a linear fashion without torquing the rifle one way or the other. The stock comes with three different lengths of bolts that can be used with one, two, or three LOP spacers. I was initially worried that the comb height adjustment system would be flimsy or would allow the comb to slip. I could go on. The unit on the model I received for testing weighs just over three pounds.

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The push-feed action uses a forged, one-piece, two-lug bolt with a degree throw. The bolt is relatively heavy to lift, but the action is smooth. The bolt also features a quick takedown system that allows the bolt to be disassembled with a simple turn. The barrel is obviously well-made and delivered excellent accuracy more on that belowbut for optimal performance, Howa recommends a break-in procedure. I conducted accuracy testing with four different cartridges from Hornady and Sig Sauer, and I shot five, five-shot groups with each load at yards.

I used a Caldwell Lead Sled and allowed the barrel to cool down between each group as much as a barrel can cool in Texas in July. The barrel was cool enough to touch. The Howa shot sub-MOA in 19 out of the 20 groups. The largest group was 1. I took it out to and 1, yards on a blustery day here in central Texas.

Once I figured out drop and wind holds, smacking a man-sized steel target at yards was a piece of cake. Ranging out to 1, yards turned out to be more difficult. Your peer also reviewed the Howa Oryx. Have you two been able to discuss the two platforms and determine, if buying one, which you would purchase? What caliber did you shoot? I saw it comes in various calibers and I saw the Ammo box says Creedmore but 6 or 6.