Any one of our selections for the best mouse can help even the most disheartening drudgework a little bit easier. While just about every office will offer you a cheap, forgettable peripheral, you don't have to settle for a subpar mouse — especially if you do graphic design or video editing work. This page will also cover our selections for the best wireless mouse.

If you're looking for our best gaming mouse selections, those are in a separate story — although a good gaming mouse will usually work well for productivity, and vice versa.

Having one of our picks for the best mouse is especially helpful if you work from a home office.

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If your home computer is a laptop, you may not even have a discrete mouse, having grown reliant on a touchpad instead. But no touchpad can replace the speed, precision and versatility of a good mouse. If you're looking for a mouse that can handle anything you throw at it, Tom's Guide has compiled a list of the best mouse for a variety of use cases.

Whether you want something complex or simple, there's probably a much better mouse than what you're currently using. As you may have guessed, there is no "best mouse" for every potential use-case.

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Some mice are huge and feature-rich; others are small and inexpensive. A graphic designer probably needs a different mouse than an accountant — and this is assuming that you need a mouse exclusively for productivity, and aren't interested in a gaming model instead. Gaming mice double perfectly well as productivity mice; more on that later.

Generally speaking, though, the Logitech MX Master 3 is the best mouse for most people. It's highly customizable, incredibly comfortable, it's wireless, it's got a long battery life and it even has an innovative scroll wheel that you won't find on any other mouse.

In my opinion, however, it is the best wireless mouse for productivity users. At the other end of the spectrum is the Logitech M, which is about as simple as a mouse gets. It fits into backpacks, purses, pockets — anything. And its batteries last for more than a year, so you'll rarely have to replace them. It doesn't have any extra buttons or features, but it can still make your life a lot easier, especially if you travel frequently.

Other mice on our list feature ergonomic designs, adjustable dots-per-inch DPI sensitivity, and even RGB lighting, depending on what you're looking for. Read on to discover the best mouse for your particular situation. Looking for more gear to increase your productivity? Be sure to check out our picks for the best office chairs and the best monitors. The Logitech MX Master 3 is the best mouse, at least on the productivity front, as well as the best wireless mouse.

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It's comfortable, feature-rich and lasts an amazingly long time on a single charge. This sleek gray peripheral is the latest iteration of Logitech's MX Master series, and everything the company has learned from the previous iterations is on full display. The buttons give satisfying clicks, the grip is pleasant to hold and the horizontal thumb wheel makes scrolling through documents a breeze.

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The software is where the MX Master 3 shines, however, as it comes preinstalled with a variety of different functionalities for popular programs.

From Photoshop to Excel, Logitech has already predicted how you might want to use the horizontal scroll wheel and gesture controls, and developed optimized profiles for each program. You can also use the handy Logitech Flow feature, which lets you drag and drop files between two totally different computers, as though they were connected via USB. If you walk into an electronics store and make a beeline for the laptop mice, the Logitech M is probably the first thing you'll see.

This mouse is inexpensive and ubiquitous, but it came by its popularity fairly.

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This small gadget is optimized for laptops, making it ideal for frequent travelers, or workers with limited desk space at home. It's also extremely comfortable, and provides a DPI just high enough to comfortably scroll across a screen without overshooting your target.

It's arguably the best wireless mouse for the price. Thanks to a durable 2. Another cool thing about the M is that, unlike many other productivity mice, it comes in a variety of colors: red, blue, purple and pink.It gotta be quiet as a shadow, light as a feather, quick as a snake, calm as still water, and smooth as summer silk. The vital actions in any PC game occur at the click of your mouse in a blink of an eye.

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All computer mice enable you to click, move the cursor, and scroll. But it is the responsiveness, reliability, acceleration, and comfort is what it takes to conquer the game. Thus, you need a gaming mouse rather than a regular mouse. The technology you need to win, the customization you crave to make it your own, and the design quality to last. Whenever you move your mouse, it detects how much you have moved it and matches the cursor accordingly.

The higher the DPI, the more your mouse moves with less movement. Thus, the Corsair M65 Pro gives an incredibly precise tracking to become an ideal choice for gamers in The advanced weight tuning system enables you to customize the weight and adjust the center of gravity of your match that aligns with the playstyle.

Tech Specs —. HERO is the most authentic gaming sensor Logitech has ever produced. Comes with the next-gen precision and ground-up architecture, G features an exceptional optical sensor for the ultimate tracking accuracy. The Logitech G possesses the best weight and balance tuning as you can adjust the weight and placement of weights for a personalized touch.

It has to freak 11 programmable buttons and dual-mode hyperfast scroll wheel. In addition to the personalized features and core performances, it has a scroll lock button that is settled right below the mouse wheel.

It enables you to toggle the wheel between free-spinning and stepping through clicks. Like a cherry on top of the cake, Logitech also blessed the gamers with a battery life button under the scroll lock button that lit up bars on the left side of the mouse. That act as an indication of how much oxygen you have left. But, Razer, the California-based gaming products manufacturer has made it possible.

The Deathadder Elite series gaming mouses are prep up with the cutting-edge technology integrated with incredible ergonomics and extended durability. Focusing on the well-defined 16, DPI sensor with a tracking speed of inches per second and The Razer DeathAdder Elite is a must-have peripheral to have the upper hand over your competitors.

All in all, I would say the best gaming mouse that is worth every single penny as they are very few mice that come with this budget and features.

Every Gamer Recommends. If you are ambidextrous, you can slap the ass with both hands. Likewise, you can play seamlessly all round the clock. The first of its kind ambidextrous designed mouse — SteelSeries Sensei While other mice have a piece of substitute, the Sensei comes with an exclusive split-trigger button design that provides superior click force and consistent feel throughout rapid clicks or presses which usually happen in the games.

The mouse has a pair of thumb buttons on both sides whereas the DPI adjuster settled at the center. Every element integrated into this gaming mouse is well-crafted for functionality, responsiveness, weight reduction, and durability. Comfort should be your top priority while choosing any gaming mouse and Zowie EC2-A is best-in-class. This ergonomic mouse is designed especially for all the right-handed users out there. The thing about this mouse is that the right side of it is well rounded.A new computer mouse might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about upgrading your workstation or gaming setup.

However, modern computer mice come with features that improve your speed when gaming or enhance your comfort when you work.

Features like built-in LEDs and customizable buttons can make your computer mouse more fun to use. We reviewed different gaming, wireless, and business mice to find the best products available. Why we chose the Razer Deathadder Elite:. The side and main buttons on this mouse are also programmable, so you can add macros or custom commands as you wish.

But Razer does have a left-handed version of the original Deathadder. It can last for up to 70 days on a single charge and is ergonomically sound enough to provide solid wrist support and comfort during use. One of its greatest strengths is the ability to pair with up to three separate systems at once, so if you find yourself switching from desktop to laptop regularly, this mouse is perfect.

That can be useful for navigating Excel, and webpages. Logitech also redesigned the thumb area and made the back and forward buttons bigger. With DPI support of up to 16, and a display on its side, it could be argued that the Steelseries Rival is complete overkill. Or just use it to display GIFs to show off to friends and onlookers. The mechanical switches are durable and will last up to 60 million clicks, meaning this mouse will be with you for years to come.

In a bold move, Steelseries also made the Rival modular, so you can swap out the sensor, the cable, or cover to not only tweak the mouse to your aesthetic and performance preferences but upgrade it in the future as new options are released. There are many mice at low prices, but few even approach the quality of the Logitech G There are six programmable buttons in total, including the textured scroll wheel, DPI switch that lets you jump between two pre-programmed settings on the fly.

Like its contemporaries it supports a polling rate of 1,Hz for improved responsiveness and three customizable buttons, so you can add macros, or custom commands to make your office tasks that bit easier. The best gaming mouse for 3 days ago. The best PC accessories 4 days ago. The best ergonomic mouse for 4 days ago. The best wireless mice for 4 days ago. These are the best indie games you can get on PC right now 23 hours ago.

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Common problems with GoToMeeting and how to solve them 8 hours ago.Nearly everyone at this level takes his or her play serious enough to invest in good equipment. But truthfully, there are quite a lot of gaming mice available, making it hard to decipher the good from the bad.

Best Optical Sensor Gaming Mouse

If you find yourself confused, fear not — this article will help you choose the best FPS mouse to match your particular needs. The primary differences are found in the type of technology used for illumination. The sensor works by taking thousands of pictures every second then comparing said pictures in order to infer how far and in which direction the mouse has moved. For example, this can occur when you reach the edge of your mouse pad and need to reposition the cursor.

The same is true for e-sports players. Knowing your grip type and finding a mouse that matches it determines how comfortable and accurate your gaming will be. Lastly, you should consider your budget as well as a list of required features. Do you want a flashy mouse with tons of RGB lights? Do you need cutting-edge, well-tested software from which you can fine-tune your device? Would you like a heavy mouse or a light mouse? What type of sensor do you prefer? This mouse is very comfortable to use and highly durable thanks to its anodized aluminum frame.

Moreover, it is equipped with an extremely sensitive dpi optical sensor that delivers both accurate tracking and possibility for fine-tuning, with the help of iCUE software that allows for its adjustment even by a single dpi, if needed.

Also, it is supplied with removable weights that can change the mouse weight from 97grams to grams, to best suit your gaming style, as well as the possibility to change your center of gravity to best fit your grip.

It is beautiful, fast and accurate and delivers everything you could possibly expect from the best FPS mouse. Check Prices. Razer — the California-based precision gaming products manufacturer — has been putting out quality mice for years now — and the DeathAdder Elite is no exception.

best mouse sensor

Featuring an ultra-precise 16, DPI sensor, a tracking speed of inches per second, and Any gamer with this mouse in their arsenal instantly gains the competitive edge over opponents. Directly behind the scroll wheel is another pair of much smaller programmable buttons. The main buttons are triggered by high-quality Omron switches, which provide a very satisfying click when engaged. Logitech is well-known in the gaming industry as they produce a wide gamut of devices mice, keyboards, headsets, and more.

It is also designed to look rugged and high-tech and every inch of its surface was created with gaming and ease of use in mind. First, there is the HERO 16k sensor which allows for highly accurate tracking, it has 11 customizable buttons to personalize the experience as you need and comes with adjustable weights.

Overall, the entire design is modular, created to allow users to imprint their own preferences. The mouse can remember up to 5 different profiles, so you can prepare for different situations. Finally, G Hero mouse is built to be durable, as attested by the braided cable, mechanical switches rated for 50 million clicks, and rubberized side grips.

If you are looking for a solid FPS mouse that provides an ergonomic design followed by great comfortability, fast performance and many customization options, HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro is an ideal choice for you. It is equipped with Pixart sensor that provides a sensitivity of up to dpi, six Omron programmable switches and a single RGB lighting zone that provides just the right amount of attractiveness, but without taking too much attention. HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro is a good-looking mouse, with a great grip and excellent balance, as well as many customization options button programming, dpi level adjustment, creation of personalized game profiles, etc.

Moreover, it is supplied with onboard memory, for storing all your customization data, as well as some very nit features such as the braided cable that certainly adds to its overall durability. In other words, one of the best FPS mice is here.

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Responsibly priced. Excellently designed. What else is there to ask for? The SteelSeries Sensei is probably one of the more overlooked mice to make our list. Like the original Sensei that came before it, the is ambidextrous.When it comes to finding the best gaming mouse, you wan't something that feels good for your grip and offers great performance with your favorite titles.

Getting a mouse that fits just perfect to your hand, includes the right feature set for you and a super strong sensor, will inevitably improve the flow of your gameplay, the hits you land and the satisfaction you get from nailing that win. There are a lot of vendors in the mouse game, and why not? Models can range from very cheap and accessible to premium ones boasting handy pun not intended features, like wireless charging or a pile of programmable buttons, plus exciting design choices, like RGB lighting.

Below we help make things easier by breaking down the best gaming mouse for different uses. Razer DeathAdder V2 2. Razer Basilisk Ultimate 3. SteelSeries Rival 3 4. Razer DeathAdder Elite 5.

Razer Naga Trinity 6. Corsair Ironclaw RGB 7. Logitech MX Master 3. The Razer DeathAdder V2 is the best gaming mouse for gamers who like to win.

best mouse sensor

Its optical sensor gets the job done, and the clicker offers everything a gamer needs without piling on unnecessary features, like a lot of programmable buttons.

No matter what game we played, motion felt smooth. You may have to get used to its shape, but for most gamers this is an ideal companion. Read: Razer DeathAdder V2 review. The Logitech G has been unseated from its perch, and Razer is the new king of the mantle. Although the similarities are obvious the Basilisk Ultimate provides a myriad of improvements over the competition.

If you really like what this mouse has to offer so far except the price, Razer has a similar, but cheaper, mouse in this family, the Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed. Read: Razer Basilisk Ultimate review. The SteelSeries Rival 3 is the best gaming mouse for those on a budget. The hardest part about gaming with the Rival 3 was its 6-foot-long rubber USB cable that was a noticeable drag compared to braided cables or a wireless connection.

But at least you get three customizable RGB zones and a comfortable grip.When we buy some of these extremely expensive gaming mice we expect them to be the best engineered devices available. Sadly this is not the case, and a flawless sensor mouse or superior sensor, sometimes perfect sensor is actually quite rare.

Lots of gaming mice sensors are equipped with certain algorithms and try to predict our movement. In competitive gaming we want our mice to produce our exact movements on the screen.

We want to be as close to the metal as possible. It certainly might even be debatable what a flawless sensor actually is. So we want to get this straight:. When we talk about a flawless sensor mouse we mean that there is little to no prediction algorithms, no mouse acceleration, no jitter, and no axis differences. All of these things were regularly included in some mice to make the use of these mice more comfortable and predictable. All these issues mentioned before should be absent to be considered a flawless sensor mouse.

This is mostly the case for optical mice, laser mice regularly have a variety of other issues associated with them. Basically all of the mice are used by professional gamers. But if you want to make sure they fit your hand, have a look at our size comparisons as well. The most important thing we can recommend though is to try them out in person. Additionally, for left-handed people choosing a mouse can be difficult as well.

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That is why we have provided information on whether they are ambidextrous or not. Please feel free to have a look at the list.

We would very much appreciate any corrections.

The best mouse of 2020: 10 top computer mice compared

Please make a comment if we got anything wrong. Thank you.Buying the best mouse is one of the most important purchases you can make, especially if you spend a lot of time working on your PC. Regardless of whether you have a desktop PC or a thin and light laptop, buying the best mouse can make using them so much more comfortable. In this guide, we've listed top mice for a variety of use cases and budgets, so no matter what kind of mouse you need, we've got a suggestion for you.

In terms of ergonomics, reliability and responsiveness, as well as extra nifty features, using the best mouse is crucial to your computing life. But, why suffer when you can have a better experience and save your wrist that unnecessary pain? So, toss that crappy mouse from the discount store in the garbage where it belongs and consider investing in one of the best mice that made our list.

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DPI: 4, Interface: Bluetooth and 2. This is the best mouse has to offer, particularly for productivity and creative tasks. While most mice in this price tag appeal to gamers with ridiculous button setups and edgy designs, this mouse is created for productivity alone.

Sometimes you just need a cheap, reliable mouse that you can throw in your laptop bag without worry. DPI: 1, Interface: 2. It's the perfect mouse for working from home as well. While it seems like all of our peripherals are either being fitted with unnecessary lighting or morphed into odd shapes, there are still some mice out there that you can take seriously from looks alone.

The Microsoft Classic Intellimouse, for example, touts a classic design and appealing white lighting, and it is a breath of fresh air. It also beefs up the sensor, allowing users to ramp up the DPI to 3, Read the full review: Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse. The Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical mouse is only off putting until you get your hands on it. If you find yourself doing a double take when looking at the specs, as there are no buttons on the Magic Mouse 2.

This mouse is completely controlled by gestures, giving it all the benefits of a trackpad, as well as a mouse. Plus, it helps reduce the amount of stress you have to exert on your wrist and hand muscles.

Read the full review : Logitech MX Vertical. DPI: — Interface: Bluetooth and 2. The third trackball mouse Logitech has put out sincethe MX Ergo Wireless is an anomaly in an industry that is otherwise crowded with optical laser mice. Specifically, they appeal to an audience that enjoys the svelte industrial design of an Apple gadget, but with a gamer-centric slant.

Read the full review: Razer DeathAdder Chroma. Image credit: Logitech 1. Spectacularly uncomfortable for us; your mileage may vary. See more Peripherals news.