It is illegal to sell, install, or offer for sale any aftermarket part that alters or modifies the original design or performance of the motor vehicle pollution control system. All parts are for use on a vehicle that will NEVER be used, or licensed, or registered for use upon a street and highway. All parts are for used on a vehicle that will NEVER be used, or licensed, or registered for use upon a street and highway.

These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit www.

Developed from Ground Up, Fully Tested. This is by far the BEST kit on the market for half of the price our competitors ask. This kit is developed from Ground up, Overcomes many of the existing issues of converting RB Motors to bigger top mount turbo.

Our kit is completely newly designed, with many new Features. Support up to HP. Comes with Oil feed and return flanges and lines. Qty Add to Cart. Emissions Control Warning: It is illegal to sell, install, or offer for sale any aftermarket part that alters or modifies the original design or performance of the motor vehicle pollution control system.

This website uses cookies. We do this to better understand how visitors use our site and to offer you a more personal experience. We share information about your use of our site with social media and analytics partners in according with our Privacy Notice. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies.Lots of strange information out on the internet regarding fuel line sizing and it seems like most of the time people run way more diameter fuel line than they need.

This is an interesting article that I came across that seems to be pretty relevant. The simple way to know is to install an electronic fuel pressure gage. But before you do check out the following and remember a dirty fuel filter is often the culprit of falling fuel pressures! For this example I will use gasoline. Since gasoline has a weight of 5.

Tuning a 600-HP, Time Attack S13

The reason I am making all these conversions for you is because typical fuel pump measurements are made in volume versus mass although mass is more accurate. OK stay with me now as we calculate how much gasoline fuel we need to support say HP. Most of you know that the pressure drop thru a straight pipe is less than an elbow or a 45 same principle as your air ducting from your blower thru the piping and on into the engine. Using the pressure drop thru a new steel pipe of.

A Fuelab Model can deliver 90 gph 70 psig. Can I tolerate a 3 psig drop if I need the fuel delivered at 60 psig? The key to sufficient fuel supply is pumping power. That is enough fuel to support HP. At HP the pressure drop is even less. The key factors are viscosity and surface tension of the liquid being pumped.

1998 Nissan 240SX (S14) - Miami Dreaming

Gasoline has lower viscosity and much lower surface tension than water, which is why it flows more easily thru a pipe. Consider that most greases have a lower SG than water but much higher viscosity. Which do you think flows more easily thru a pipe? SG becomes a factor if there is vertical lift of the liquid involved or very long pipe runs which represent a large physical mass of liquid.

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SG simply determines the weight of the liquid per unit volume and it boils down to more weight requires more power HP to move it. Friction loss is the mechanical resistance exercised by the pipe wall on the liquid. Here is a little experiment you can try. Water has relatively high surface tension.This has been my daily driver for the last years. It has been driven less than 6k miles since the rebuild.

I currently run super low boost since it is my daily and I want it reliable. The frame on this car is virtually perfect.

It is at the point where someone can continue with my plans to be a nice, sleeper daily, or turn it into a drift car or a show car. It is one of the few SE models that came with the leather option, but the leather is rough. My last plans to make it the ultimate daily was to paint it and get the seats reupholstered, but my plans have changed due to moving out of state and needing a truck, so sadly, I need to sell.

Engine swap was tastefully done with numerous quality parts and components. Top of the line Blitz intercooler cools the boosted intake charge generated by the Garrett GTX turbocharger. This turbo is near perfect for the car with almost instant throttle response but also excellent power making capability. Car has not been beat and has only been operated on about 7 pounds of boost which is low. Plans for upgrades were put on hold due to other projects, but many of the planned upgrade parts are included with the car.

Most of the parts are pre-owned by the seller swapped around with other projects.

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It may be time for a tweak of the tune, but no issues. Not this one, Car comes with working AC! While car now has an aluminum radiator, it still operates off the clutched OEM fan rather than electric fans.

Battery is still mounted up front but was reduced in size to accommodate the SR swap. The chassis itself is in great shape.

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The frame is straight and in excellent condition. Not this one; The frame rails have not been abused making this car an excellent candidate for show car or drift builds.

240sx 600hp

The platform is excellent. The body is straight with only a few dings that are easily repairable. While the car still looks clean and good and fine for a daily driver, up close one can tell it is time for new paint after 24 years on the road. Not a surprise. And, just to be different, instead of the typical grayed out plastic headlights, this car comes with the rare German glass headlights.

They look amazing. Also on the car are are Motegi Togue wheels. These wheels, while showing their age and wear, are legit old schools wheels that are fairly rare.

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Of course, a spare set of new Konig wheels are included with the car a pair of which only had tires mounted once, but were never driven on.

The interior can use some TLC. The car came with factory leather seats and the leather should be replaced. Included with the car are two SE cloth front seats in great shape. I chose not to re-upholster the seats not knowing the direction a new owner might wish to take with the car.

Show car build, drift car build or a daily driver sleeper.October 24, Comments. Thank you for viewing my listing. The car makes wheel HP on pump gas.

It is always garage kept and rarely driven. Most of the systems and accessories function as they should. This car is easy to drive as my wife occasionally picks up my son from school with it!! Running a fully built RB26 with custom Twin Turbo Setup this car is as brutally fast as it is visually stunning.

The drivetrain has been sorted to work like factory in this chassis. The car currently makes wheel horsepower 18psi Boost Pressure on pump gas. A professionally tuned AEM computer allows the car to run like factory under all situations. Power Steering and SE model options make the car comfortable and functional. The original owner put many miles on the vehicle however kept the body in excellent shape never getting into any accidents.

I decided to repaint the car red with a multi stage show quality paint job and high light the exterior with every Kouki Appearance Option. Also the tail lights are brand new and the front lights are mint. It would only be right to take the suspension and brakes to the next level to match the rest of the car. Top knotch Brembo, Tein and Volk products help to stop, corner and grip like a super car.

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The interior of the SE model sx is already very nice but I upgraded it to finish the entire package with a sporty yet comfortable demeanor. Source — Ebay. Tags: hp rb2698 sxkoukirb26rb26 sxrb26dettswapped sx. Name Required.Looking for Nissan SX parts? Our staff has the experience and knowledge to answer any questions you may have before making an order for parts. In other words we want to be your source for anything SX related from upgrades to basic maintenance.

HorsePower's Nissan 240/LS Finale

If you are looking to modify the look of your SX you came to the right place. We have the largest selection of SX body kits and aerodynamics on the internet. Browse our full selection of Nissan SX front bumpers, side skirts, rear bumpers, carbon fiber hoods, wide body fenders and much more. In other words we have all the parts to make your SX look just the way you want! If you are looking to make horsepower with your SX we can help you do just that!

We carry a full line of Nissan SX performance upgrades for both the normally aspirated KA24 model as well as the turbocharged SR20 engine from Japan. Additionally if you are looking to repair worn out components to restore your SX mechanically or are looking to build a full blown custom show or race car we have a very diverse selection of products and upgrades.

Browse our catalog of performance parts for your Nissan SX featuring the top manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket industry. Finally we have created easy to use catalogs that make finding your upgrades easy and efficient. Don't think we forgot about SX suspension. This is where we really shine when it comes to upgrading your SX. We have a full line of SX suspension upgrades and can help you get your to handle and look the way you desire. We have a full catalog of SX coilovers, control arms, alignment components, sway bars and more.

View our suspension catalog to see what we offer for your S-Chassis. Skip to content.If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed.

600hp civic type r vs 520Hp nissan 240sx / 200sx

Unanswered Questions. Nissan SX. We need you to answer this question!

240sx 600hp

If you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation right now! The sx KA24DE has crank horse power rated by the factory. Nissan sx Horsepower It depends on what year and what engine the Nissan has, usually have the ka24e which is hp. While the have the ka24de engine which has hp. Asked in Laptops How much is an hp laptop? It depends on the hp laptop. Asked in Nissan SX What is the difference between a sx and a sx?

Pretty much, the sx is right side drive and sx is left.

240sx 600hp

Other than that they are basically the same. Yes, late model bumpers will fit on sx.

S13 240SX Drag Coilovers

Asked in Video Games How much hp does the dragon in dragon slayer have? It has 83!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asked in Final Fantasy How much hp does the yiazmat have in ffx11? Yiazmat has 50, HP. Asked in Pontiac Trans Am How much hp does gta trans am have? Asked in Nissan SX Will a 92 sx motor work in 95 sx? Sure it will, they are the same motor. The Nissan SX was brought to America in Asked in Dodge Viper How much hp does a dodge viper? The EX has hp.Try it free for 14 days.

View Full Image. Truckin Magazine how to. Budget-Friendly Horsepower - 6. Building a powerful engine has long been about metric dollars. As the horsepower numbers increased, the zeros before the decimal point seemed to keep jumping up in the same steep curve. With today's amazing engine offerings available in crates directly from the factories, and aftermarket support at an all-time high, big-time power has become well within reach for the everyday working man on a real budget.

Upholding our opinion on the subject is the 6.

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Netting crank horsepower on a dyno with nothing exotic inside it, the LS-based mill left us in bewilderment that so little could work so well. It used to be that you needed some serious know-how and maybe a friend or two that owed you favors to be able to even find, let alone build, a properly running LS engine. With this budget-built brawler, that mindset has all changed. We wanted to know more and we wanted to know where the secrets were hidden to finding big power at a lower cost.

After poring over the parts list along with examining images showing the engine's assembly, we are extremely happy to report that nothing crazy popped up, and this engine can easily be yours with a modest amount of cash outlay.

That's right, going fast doesn't have to empty your savings account, because high-quality parts at low price points now exist. Do you have some mechanical ability? Then build it yourself and save even more! One of the main things to realize when building a stout LS engine is that the stock parts themselves can easily handle to hp depending on the engine chosen to start with. Since the crank and rods are cast items, many jump to the conclusion that they need to be replaced for reliability.

That's money well spent, and it illustrates the kind of thinking we put into this engine. Sources Comp Cams.